Herbert Lodge

Emergency Work Herbert Lodge

Herbert Lodge is a delightful Gothicised cottage visible to most commuters from the M7 , it is a two storey cottage ornate building in the centre of the Curragh facing towards the old N7 between Newbridge and Kildare town. Initially constructed as a hunting lodge by The Duke of Leinster it was later converted to an RIC Barracks and had some modifications made to its’ windows for security as well as brick vaulted holding cells to the rear. 

 The building in recent years has operated as a music school and when a storm occurred in January 2014 these brick vaulted cells probably saved someone’s life when a large tree came crashing down and knocked off part of the stone pinnacles onto the roof and dislodged some stone barges and gutters. A grant was sought for emergency roof repair which was undertaken and managed by LBA. 

A Specialist stone mason Heritage Stone Masonry undertook the work which included the reinstatement of the gable pinnacles and smashed barge stone, repair of flashing to the chimneys and re-slating and internal local plaster repair part funded by insurance cover. All the stonework and slating was undertaken as well as a redecoration of the building, though the original windows were also to be tackled this aspect was left in abeyance to deal with the weather tightness and structural issues